Browsing organizations on the RED FLAGS website

Organizations come from the following parts of documents:

Using organization list

The list of organizations can be reached from the welcome page or from the header on any page by clicking on the "Organizations" link.

Organization list is very similar to the list of notices.

The list footer is completely the same and the list header has only a few differences:

The data table is a simple one, it has only two columns:

Counters having zero value will not be printed.

Filtering organizations

As I mentioned above, you can filter organizations by name. Use the text input box on the right side of the list header in the organization list page.

The search will work as mentioned here.

Organization details

Clicking on an organization's name everywhere on the site will lead you to its details page. These pages have the following panels:

These lists have a similar structure you see on the notice list pages. Below the top 10 lists, you can click on the link to get the full list. These links are basically filters which use the organization ID in the appropriate field.