Tables of the RED FLAGS webapp

These tables are used by the Red Flags webapp. Most of them are "helper tables" generated by a script.


This table is used by Spring Security for the remember-me function.

Field Type Description
username varchar(64)
series varchar(64) [PK]
token varchar(64)
last_used timestamp


This generated table contains data for the bar plot on the welcome page.

Field Type Description
c varchar(200) Contract type ID
v decimal(65,4) Total value of contracts
y int(4) Year


This generated table contains the CPV codes to all notices, in one record for each notice. This helps out the CPV filter.

Field Type Description
cpvs text CPV codes separated by |
noticeId varchar(200)


This generated table contains the most important data for every notice, to be displayed on the list page.

Field Type Description
contractingOrgId varchar(200) ID of the contracting authority organization
contractingOrgName longtext Name of the contracting authority
date datetime Publication date of the notice
documentFamilyId varchar(200) Document family ID
estimated decimal(44,0) Total estimated value
estimatedCurr text Currency of total estimated value
flagCount bigint(21) Count of flags
id varchar(200) Notice ID
title text Contract title
total decimal(44,0) Total final value
totalCurr text Currency of total final value
typeId varchar(200) Document type ID
type varchar(200) Document type in crawl language
url varchar(200) TED url


This generated table contains data about organizations, for the list page.

Field Type Description
calls bigint(21) Count of tenders the organization appeared in as the contracting authority
id varchar(200)
name longtext
type varchar(200)
wins bigint(21) Count of tenders the organization appeared in as an award winner


This table stores the filters saved by users.

Field Type Description
id bigint(20) [PK] [AI]
filter varchar(255) String representation of the filter.
last_sent_number int(11) Number part of the last sent notice's ID.
last_sent_year int(11) Year part of the last sent notice's ID.
name varchar(255) Filter name specified by the user.
subscribe bit(1) Whether the user is subscribed to this filter.
user_id bigint(20)


This table contains the user accounts.

Field Type Description
active bit(1) Whether the account is active or not
crypted_password varchar(255)
email_address varchar(255)
id bigint(20) [PK] [AI]
lang varchar(255) Preferred language, currently saved when registering
name varchar(255)
registered_at datetime
remember_token varchar(255)
remember_token_expires_at datetime


This generated table contains notice-winner pairs for the list pages.

Field Type Description
noticeId text
winnerOrgId varchar(200)
winnerOrgName longtext