Browsing notices on the RED FLAGS website

Using notice list

The list of notices can be reached from the welcome page or from the header on any page by clicking on the "Notices" link.

The list pages have the following structure:

List header

On the left side of the list header you can see how many notices are there in the database. When you are using any filter, the count of filtered notices is also shown in front of the total count.

Next to the numbers, there is the Order button which helps you switch between the ordering mode. Notices can be ordered by date, from newest to oldest, and by flag count, from most flags to least flags.

On the right there are two buttons. One leads to the saved filters, the other one toggles the filter panel, which will be described below.

Data table

The data table consists of the following 4 columns:

There are two button groups in this part of page.

With the left one you can turn the pages. There are buttons for:

The right button group stands for the items per page setting. You have the following options:

Filtering notices

You can search and filter notices on the notice list page, using the filter panel. This can be opened by clicking on the "Filter" button on the right side of the list header.

Filter types

Currently Red Flags provides the following filters (in order of appearance):

Text search method

The search expression you type will be treated as follows:

For example, if you search for B C, it would find:

But not C B.

Using filters

After you filled in the fields, click on the Filter button, to get the results. The Reset button will reload the page with all filters turned off.

If you would like to save your filter however, click on the Save as new filter button. This will lead you to the edit page of the new filter where you can add a name to it, and choose whether you want to subscribe to its results. Subscribing to a filter means you will receive emails when new notices match your filter.

Handling subscriptions

You can list your saved filters by clicking on the Saved filters link on the right side of the list header. You will see a table with the following items in each row:

You will see a paper plane icon () besides the name of filters you were subscribed to.

You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from a filter using the edit option and checking or unchecking the tickbox.

Notice details

When you click on a notice link, you will get to its details page. Here you can see the following panels:

Below them, there are panels for each chapter that appear in the notice:

These don't contain every information from the notice but only the important ones.

URL-s and email addresses in the text will be transformed to clickable links. Organization names in panels I. and V. will take you to the appropriate organization page.

Each panel (excluding the very first two) can be turned on and off by clicking on its title.