Exporter gears in RED FLAGS engine

Package: hu.petabyte.redflags.gear.export


Generates a CSV file where rows are notices, columns are the indicators, and cells are the indicator results. Has two special methods that can be overridden to add filtering functionality:

The default is return true for both of them.

The output file will be named like this: redflags-yyyyMMdd-HHmmss.csv. It is generated by filename() method which can also be overridden.

Be aware that this gear stores every relevant data in the memory during the whole session, the file will be created at the end.

Depends on:

Before session:

After session:


Exports notices' data into a MySQL database. It generates data files on-the-fly then uses LOAD DATA INFILE MySQL command to import them. This method is chosen because it is much faster then any other batch insert solution.

You can read about the database structure above.


|| ---------|--------|--- db | int | 0 or 1 means this gear is turned off or on dbhost | String | database host:port dbname | String | database name dbuser | String | database username dbpass | String | database user's password rev | int | database revision (data version) to be stored in all tables, for all records

The rev value is useful when you have a large database and you need to update it after modifying an indicator. In this case 1) you increase this number in the configuration, 2) run the engine to overwrite the data in the databse, 3) then you can delete those records that have the old rev value.

Before session:

After session:


Descendant of FlagExporter with the following overridings:


Descendant of FlagExporter with the following overridings: