Navigating on the RED FLAGS website

Reaching the website

You can reach Red Flags at the following addresses:

The last two links will take you to the first domain, but with automatically switching the website's display language to Hungarian.

Welcome page

The welcome page shows basic information about the tool and invites the user inside. It has the following sections:


The Statistics section of the welcome page shows the following charts:

These charts are updated once every day, when the daily crawl procedure finishes.

Every chart has options for printing and exporting in various formats, click on the button in the top right corner of a chart.

The header bar helps you navigate on Red Flags, it's visible on the top of all pages. It shows the logo, navigation links, language switcher and the login/logout button.

You can find the following navigation links in the header:

Clicking on the logo will always get you back to the welcome page.

On the welcome page, the header shows links also for the sections (described above), clicking them will scroll the page to the appropriate section.

Language selection

Currently Red Flags can display 2 languages, English and Hungarian. Switching between them can be done by clicking the "HU" or "EN" links in the top right corner.