Getting started with the RED FLAGS source code


Besides the requirements previously listed, you need the following if you want to extend or modify Red Flags:

Preparing the source code

The source code is available on GitHub:, please read the LICENSE and files first.

Before you build the source code, you need to modify some files - these files have .example suffix.

  1. Create a copy of these files without the .example suffix, to the same place where they are.
  2. Edit them by replacing the placeholders ("...") with your configuration values.
  3. Save them and after that, you are able to build the source code.

These files are:

The dbhost parameter must have HOST:PORT format, e.g. localhost:3306 or The value of the trigger secret is up to you.

You can read more about configuration parameters in the maintainer documentation, here and here.

Building the source code

Both the engine and the webapp are Maven projects and written in Java.

To build the engine,

  1. navigate to redflags-engine directory,
  2. and use the mvn clean package command to build the project.
  3. You'll get a JAR file in the target directory of the project.

To build the webapp, do the exact same thing in redflags-web directory.

Projects and packages

There are two projects in the repository: redflags-engine and redflags-web. Both are Spring Boot projects.

redflags-engine is the magic thing which downloads, processes and stores the data. Its packages are:

hu.petabyte.redflags.engine     Main package of the application
    boot                        Components responsible for the engine initialization.
    gear                        Engine gears
        archiver                Archiver (downloader) gears
        export                  Exporter gears
        filter                  Filter gears
        indicator               Indicators gears
            helper              Indicator helper classes
            hu                  Indicators for Hungarian documents
                depr            Deprecated indicators
        parser                  Parser gears
            hu                  Specific parser gears for Hungarian documents
    model                       Data model POJO definitions
        noticeparts             Components of a notice
    parser                      Template parser
    scope                       Notice iterators for various cases
    tedintf                     TED Interface and cache implementations
    util                        Utility classes

redflags-web is the webapplication which serves the data. Its packages are:

hu.petabyte.redflags.web        Main package of the application
    cfg                         Configuration classes
    ctrl                        Controllers and controller advices
    model                       Model classes for webapp features (users, filters)
    svc                         Services
    util                        Utility classes